Cargo lift, scissor lift, and customized lift Solutions

Missions: To bring the reliable lifting solutions to customers. To provide safety and cost-effective hydraulic lifts to users


Nostec lift provide the following hot sales and widely used lift solutionc, small cargo lift, warehouse cargo lift, scissor lift table, scissor goods lift, scissor car lift, car lift elevator, car parking lift, dock leveler and towable scissor lift, electric scissor lift. etc. Besides, we also support customized lift, bespoke lift according to the working site. Just contact us to get your ideal lift solutions.

Small Cargo Lift

Get your quotation and drawing now!

To be sure that we understand what you need exactly, customized drawing will be provided in case of any misunderstanding, which makes the communication effectively and clearly.

Why Choose Us

Professtional design based on your site

Engineers will confirm the lifting solutions with you by the drawing to communicate exactly and faster.

Quality products

Use the highest quality materials and components in the manufacture of our products, ensuring durability and reliability.

Competitive Prices

We offer our products and services at competitive prices, ensuring that our customers get the best value for their investment.

Experienced team

Our team of engineers and technicians has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of lifting equipment, allowing us to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service at every stage of the process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond.

About us

Nostec lift is established and engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service of hydraulic cargo lift, scissor lift, car lift elevator, car turntable, car parking lift, and other hydraulic lifts for the customers over 93 countries and regions.

Floor Lift


Nostec have 16000+ square meters of production plant

Goods Lift


10 more experienced engineers doing design, production, and installation.

Material Lift


Serve more than 90 countries and regions around the world

Cargo Lift


More than 4000 lifts installed all over the word

Nostec lift are designed to improve efficiency and safety in a variety of industries, including warehouse, logistics, construction, automotive, and retail. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible lifting solutions. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and design customized solutions to meet those needs. We also offer comprehensive installation, maintenance, and technical support services to ensure that our products operate safely and efficiently over their lifetime.

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