Why choose nostec cargo lift

Nowadays, hydraulic cargo lift is more and more popular in warehouse, multi-storied buildings, basement, and workshops, because it provides a fast, efficient, convenient for goods lifting solutions and save much time and labour. At the same time, more and more suppliers come out in the name of good supplier of cargo lift, when we enjoy the convenience that the lift brings for us, we also need to care the lift quality, then why we choose nostec cargo lift?

First let’s check the safety device that nostec lift provides for cargo lift:

1. Emergency stop button: The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency. For example we need to stop the lift immediately if we found the goods on the platform fall down.

2. Emergency decline value: when the power off, you can let the platform down to the designated location, it can make sure the platform can go down whenever.

3. Safety control voltage: All the button and operation parts use DC 24V safety voltage, keep users’ safety, it can assure the safety even a new hand operate and check the control box.

4. Safety valve in cylinder: when hydraulic hose breaks the lift will stop immediately.

5. Electromagnetic lock on mesh cover
The lift won’t work if the door is not closed, and the door cannot be open during the lift works.

6. Calling device:
Calling box (Located at ground and up floor), ground floor panel comes with lock

7. Anti-explosion value: The inner part of the cylinder is installed with anti-explosion valve. In case of abnormal phenomena of the oil pipe, it can ensure the security.

8. Chain detection: It can check the working condition of the chains, it can keep the lift on its position in case the chain broken.

Secondly, the electric cabinet must come with PLC, just a small PLC can replace many intermediate relay and contactor, which will reduce the electrical accident or any other lost due to components broken, and make the cabinet more simple. Besides, the PLC also comes with detection and communication function, we can find the problem easily from the small indicator light on PLC, which will save much time on troubleshoot problems.
All the nostec cargo lift comes with PLC control, that’s a very good choice for you

Besides, Nostec provide the quick connector of all the wires, and also marked clearly, which will help you a lot on wire connection, and avoid the wiring problem, just assure a normal person can connect and operate easily. Because most of users are not electric engineer, so that will also save your time and other cost.

Now you may understand why choose Nostec cargo lift, we really need to know more about the lift, or we may lost much during the lift use.
If you have any other questions, please email to info@nosteclift.com, we will be very glad to help.

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