Hydraulic goods lift, ideal lifting solutions for warehouse

4 Post Cargo Lift

4 Post Cargo Lift Solution

4 post warehouse goods lifts are designed to solve the materials handling problem of moving and transferring goods from ground floor to mezzanine floor, It features big platform size or big capacity, which can lift cars or forklift with max 20tons capacity.

Warehouse Cargo Lift
Hydraulic Warehouse Goods Lift
Hydraulic Floor Lift
Caged Lift
Hydraulic Caged Lift
Hydraulic Warehouse Goods Lift

Standard Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

Upgraded Options

Better Protection, Better Performance! Nostec lift can provide rich options for cargo lift, such as mesh enclosure, floor mesh, ground installation if site not available for pit, roller shutter door and safety, electric lock, and motor cover box for pump station and control.

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Standard configuration comes with lift

Highly recommended cargo lift models for the users

ModelLift capacityLift heightPlatform size (W*D)Pit depthInstallation size (W*D)Power

4 Post Cargo Lift Applications

The 4 post cargo lift is widely used in buildings, warehouse, mezzanine floor, basement, and even your own house. Not only because it provides a fast, efficient access for moving goods vertically between floors, but also the convenience and safety, and a good protection for your goods during carrying. Some projects below for reference, choose one best suitable lift for you!

Warehouse Goods Lift
Warehouse Goods Lift
Warehouse Goods Lift Philippines

Safety Devices

Safety measures comes with cargo lift

Emergency stop button

The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

Emergency drop valve

The lift can be down manually in case of power failure

Explosive-proof valve

The lift will stop immediately even the hydraulic hose breaks

Safety control voltage

All the button and operation parts use DC 24V safety voltage, keep users’ safety

Safety interlocking (Located on platform door)

The lift won’t work if the door is open, it can only rise when the door is completely closed.

Guardrail protection

It can prevent the goods out from the platform during the lift going up.

Electromagnet (Located on landing door)

Both the platform door and landing door cannot be open during the lift working.

Calling device

Calling box (Located at ground and up floor), remote control also available

Working video of goods lift

To be sure that we understand what you need exactly, customized drawing will be provided in case of any misunderstanding, which makes the communication effectively and clearly.

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