Four post car parking lift: That is right for Garage car parking.

Four Post Car Parking

Four post car parking lift

The four post car parking lift adopt hydraulic cylinder driving and steel rope lifting system, it is ideal for the average home garage, which also means one or more units will easily fit in commercial shops.

This parking lifts will hold many light trucks and SUVs, and their approach ramps are also well-suited for low-profile cars.

Hydraulic Four Post Car Lift
Four Post Parking Lift
4 Post Parking Lift
4 Post Hydraulic Lift
4 Post Hydraulic Car Lift
4 Post Hydraulic Car Lift

Key Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

Mechanical Lock Device

Mechanical lock device

The mechanical locks located in all four posts at different height to ensure lifting and parking safety.

Manual Safety Lock Release

Manual safety-lock release

Press the down button and release the manual safety lock at the same time, the platform will go down slowly.

Limit Switch

Limit switch

The limit switch will help to control the lift height exactly

High Polymer Polyethylene Slider

High polymer polyethylene slider

This kind of slider features wear-resistance and long durable use.

Non Slip Platform Runway

Non-slip Platform runway

The runway is overall bending without welding and patchwork, high strength and tread plate runway.

Drive On Ramps

Drive on ramps

Removeable wide ramps, ideal for transporters.

Cylinder Holder

Cylinder holder

The holder will help to make the cylinder much more stable during working.

Control Panel

Control panel

Emergency button, lock button and key switch.

4 post parking lift Drawing

To suit for different cars, we have 2700kg to max 5000kg capacity for choice, and lift height from 1800mm to max 2200.

Take 2000mm high lift for example.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

Standard model list for reference

Highly recommended lift models for the users

Model No. FPP401/FPP402/FPP403
Lifting capacity 2700kg-3600kg
Lifting height 1800/2100mm
Column height 2100-2133mm
Equipment Width 2670mm
Drive through 1900mm
Max parking car size Ground car: 5000*1850*1700/1900mm Upper car: 5000*1850*1550mm
Rise / Drop time 40-55s
Motor capacity 2.2kw
Operation mode Key switch/ Push button / remote control
Unit packing size 4350*550*710mm/800kg
Loading quantity 12 Units / 20GP, 24 Units / 40FT

4 post parking lift applications

This parking lifts will hold many light trucks and SUVs, widely used in home garage, work shop, auto manufacturing, and auto logistics companies, etc, suit for sedan, light trucks and SUVs.

Other standard features


Working video of 4 post parking

To be sure that we understand what you need exactly, customized drawing will be provided in case of any misunderstanding, which makes the communication effectively and clearly.

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