Down platform car parking, top platform for drive through.

car parking lift

    4 post parking lift Pictures

    Underground car parking lift Applications

    4 post type underground parking system are designed to provide a secure and space-efficient solution for parking vehicles, particularly in urban areas where land is limited or expensive.

    Standard model list for reference

    Highly recommended cargo lift models for the users
    Model NO: UPS
    Lifting Capacity (per space) 2000 Kg / Platform
    Overall size 5300*3000*2320mm
    Lock Release Electric unlock
    Top platform Parking/Drive through
    Parking mode   1 underground,1 on the ground
    Parking Space  2
    Rise/Drop Time: 70 S / 60 S
    Motor Capacity 5.5 Kw
    Power Supply 220 V/380V415V

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