Cost effective car storage lift, customized size available.

4 post car storage lift

    4 post Storage lift Pictures

    4 post Storage lift

    Nostec FPS series has four vertical posts and a set of adjustable platforms, and it is primarily used for vehicle storage, and parking applications. Car storage lifts are commonly used in professional auto repair shops and garages, which can minimize parking footprint and expand vertically parking space, and provide excellent access to the vehicle’s underside. But they can also be found in residential garages, especially among car enthusiasts and hobbyists.

    Standard Features

    1. Tri-level storage lift (ground +2 upper levels) to park 3 cars vertically.
    2. Hydraulic lifting system through back mounted vertical cylinder connected with steel ropes & sheaves.
    3. Automatic mechanical latch connected to the cylinder to lock upper platform at every level.
    4. Several mechanical locks at every 150 mm interval in all posts to prevent falling & collision.
    5. Simultaneously unlock for all platforms at all levels through manually operated handle.
    6. Steel ropes failure mechanism to lock platforms to avoid collision in case of emergency.
    7. Hose burst / rupture valve located at hydraulic cylinder to prevent back flow of pressurized oil in the system after the valve.
    8. Limit switches, one at each level to stop platforms at predefined height.
    9. Operation box with elegant Dead-man push buttons (UP, Down & Emergency) will be fixed on the front post.
    10. Suitable for all kind of Sedan /SUV cars with max lifting capacity 3 tons each.
    11. Steel parts are shotblasted then powder coated with desired color.
    12. Possibility to have intumescent fire-retardant coat for indoor application.

    Standard model list for reference

    Highly recommended hydraulic storage lift models for the users

    Model TPS203
    Overall Length 4285mm
    Overall width 2578mm
    Overall height 5805mm
    Max car size 5000*1900*1900mm
    Lift capacity 2300kg/level
    Lift speed 3m/min
    Control operation Push button
    Power supply 1.0m
    Overall Height(stowed) AC/380v
    Lift motor Power 3kw
    Parking space 3 cars
    Post sharing Available

    4 post Storage lift tested

    Video speaks more

    Please check the video below to know more about the car storage lift.

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