Aerial Lift

Aerial Lift

Aerial lift, short for aerial work platform (AWP), is a type of mobile lift equipment designed to elevate workers with tools or materials to various heights for tasks such as maintenance, construction, repair, cleaning, installation, and other elevated work activities. Aerial lifts provide a safer and more efficient alternative to using ladders or scaffolding in situations where access to elevated areas is needed. They come in various designs and configurations to suit different applications and working environments.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts feature a platform that can be raised vertically using a scissor-like mechanism.
They provide a stable work surface and are often used for indoor and outdoor maintenance, construction, and installation tasks.

Vertical mast Lifts:

Vertical mast lifts are compact lifts designed for one or two workers to access tight spaces or confined areas.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts have an extendable arm or “boom” that can be maneuvered horizontally and vertically to reach elevated areas. They are used for tasks that require outreach, such as working over obstacles or reaching high areas that are difficult to access.

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Aerial lift applications

This lift table have many applications, such as have many applications, such as workshop, facilitating handling, production flows, logistics flows and overcoming differences in levels.

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