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Aerial work platform

Aerial work platform are used for carrying people to do maintenance, construction, cleaning and other works in different site, some people required heavy capacity, some people require higher height, and others may require larger platform size. Nostec lift has three models for choice, trailer scissor lift, electric scissor lift and trailer boom lift for sales.

Aerial work platform applications

Nostec lift provide different kinds of aerial work platform, suit for both indoor and outdoor worksites, and perform cleaning, maintenance, installation, construction tasks and so on. It is widely used in stations, terminals, airports, workshop, halls, plants, stadiums, supermarkets, and warehouse. etc

Aerial Work Platform Applications
Aerial Platform Lift
Electric Aerial Work Platform
Aerial Work Platform
Aerial Platform Lift
Electric Aerial Work Platform
Aerial Work Platform
Scissor Lift Aerial Work Platform

frequently asked questions

For trailer scissor lift, it can go max 18m high, electric scissor lift can go max 14m high, and trailer boom lift can go max 22m high.

Usually the trailer boom lift can load 200kg, and the electric scissor lift can load about 300-450kg according to the height difference, but for trailer scissor lift, it can load max 2000kg, 14m high, by the way, we can also accept customized electric scissor lift, to make large platform size and heavy capacity.

If you need large platform size and heavy capacity, mainly used indoor, trailer scissor lift will be a good choice, it is also the most cost effective lifts.

Both indoor and outdoor use, height below 14m, electric scissor lift will be the most popular lift.

Trailer boom lift is mainly outdoor use, it can be towed anywhere, with battery power, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and even hybrid power all available.

If you are not sure which one is more suitable, please contact us, we can recommend to you based on height, working environments, capacity and even your budget.

Usually we recommend our company standard color, we can also accept customized color for 10 units above.

Usually we need 20 working days, max 30 days if it is customized models.

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