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Car Elevator Lift

Car lift elevator

Nostec car lift elevator is a lifting machine to transfer vehicles from one floor to another floor in a safe way. It has 3-20t capacity, max 6 stops, simple operation and safety mechanical lock, which can cope with various environments, for vehicles lifting and heavy goods lifting.

Car Lift Elevator
Car Lift Elevator
Car Elevator
Residential Car Elevator
Hydraulic Car Elevator
Car Elevator

Key Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

Upgraded Options

More options, more suitable! Nostec lift also provide more options to suit different site, such as twin motor for single phase, which can also improve the lifting speed for 3 phase, max 0.1m/s. Ground mounted with ramp, roller shutter door and motor cover.

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Standard model list for reference

Highly recommended lift models for the users

Model Capacity Lift height Platform size Pit depth Installation size Power
FPP3-3 3000kg 3000mm 2800*5800mm 200mm 3400*5900mm 4kw
FPP3-3.5 3000kg 3500mm 2800*5800mm 200mm 3400*5900mm 4kw
FPP3-5 3000kg 5000mm 2800*5800mm 200mm 3400*5900mm 4kw
FPP3-6 3000kg 6000mm 2800*5800mm 200mm 3400*5900mm 5.5kw
FPP3-8 3000kg 8000mm 2800*5800mm 200mm 3600*5900mm 5.5kw
FPP5-3 5000kg 3000mm 3000*5800mm 200mm 3600*5900mm 5.5kw
FPP5-4 5000kg 4000mm 3000*5800mm 200mm 3600*5900mm 5.5kw
FPP5-5 5000kg 5000mm 3000*5800mm 200mm 3600*5900mm 7.5kw
FPP5-6 5000kg 6000mm 3000*5800mm 200mm 3600*5900mm 7.5kw
FPP8-5 8000kg 5000mm 3200*6600mm 200mm 3800*6700mm 11kw
Standard size for choice, and customized size available based on the site  

Car lift elevator Applications

The 4 post car lift elevator is used to transfer cars up and down between floors, such at multi-storey building parking lots, car storage facilities, private garages, auto dealerships, auto 4S stores, workshops, etc.

Customized Drawing available

To be sure that we understand what you need exactly, customized drawings of car lift elevator will be provided in case of any misunderstanding, which makes the communication effectively and clearly.

Working video of car elevator

This car elevator is used for transferring cars from basement to ground floor, 3ton capacity and 5m high.

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