Car parking lift : 2 level car parking lift solutions

Car parking lift

Car parking lift, suit for both commercial and residential parking purposes, usually the lift adopts hydraulic system, lift height can be up to 2200mm, one parking space changes to two space, and even more.

2 Post Parking Lift

Car parking lift applications

Nostec car parking lift are hydraulic driven with simple and reliable structure, it is widely used in home garage, work shop, auto manufacturing, and auto logistics companies, etc, suit for sedan, light trucks and SUVs.

frequently asked questions

Yes, 2 post car lift can suit for max 3600kg SUV, and 4 post parking lift can park max 5000kg cars.

Yes, both 2 and 4 post parking lift can be used outdoors, and we will add the rain-proof cover for control system and motor.

For sedan parking, 3600mm at least, and SUV required 4200mm at least.

We provide the black, yellow, blue, red, and most colors in RAL.

For 4 post parking lift, we provide the mobile kit, which can help you move the lift easily.

Usually we need about 20-25 working days for one 20ft container.

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