Different kinds of 2 level car parking lift solutions

2 level Car parking lift

Car parking lift is a mechanical device used to vertically store and park vehicles. These lifts are designed to maximize parking space in areas with limited square footage, such as parking garages, residential properties, or commercial lots. Car parking lifts are available in various configurations and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They are an excellent solution for increasing parking capacity without expanding the physical footprint of the parking area.
car parking lift

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Standard Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

Laser cutting and powder coated

Simple operation

Manual or Electric lock Release

Suit for both sedan and SUV

Variety of lift capacity

Mechanical anti-fall safety device

Space Optimization

Cost-Effective and safety for storage

Car parking lift Applications

Car parking lifts have a variety of applications in both professional and residential settings, such as Residential Parking, Commercial Parking Garages, Car Dealerships, Car Storage Facilities, Office and Residential Buildings.

Underground Car parking system

Underground car parking, also known as underground parking lift. is a type of parking structure located underground, usually below a building, plaza, or open space. These underground parking facilities are designed to provide a secure and space-efficient solution for parking vehicles, particularly in urban areas where land is limited or expensive. Here are some key features and aspects of underground car parking:

Standard Features

Subterranean Location

Multi-Level Design

Security&Safety parking

Protection from weather conditions


Common underground parking lift


Yes, 2 post car lift can suit for max 3600kg SUV, and 4 post parking lift can park max 5000kg cars.

Yes, both 2 and 4 post parking lift can be used outdoors, and we will add the rain-proof cover for control system and motor.

For sedan parking, 3600mm at least, and SUV required 4200mm at least.

We provide the black, yellow, blue, red, and most colors in RAL.

For 4 post parking lift, we provide the mobile kit, which can help you move the lift easily.

Usually we need about 20-25 working days for one 20ft container.

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