Less occupied, car storage vertically.

4 post lift
2 post lift

Car Storage Lift

Nostec car storage lift is primarily used for vehicle storage, and parking applications. Car storage lifts are commonly used in professional auto repair shops and garages, which can minimize parking footprint and expand vertically parking space, and provide excellent access to the vehicle's underside. But they can also be found in residential garages, especially among car enthusiasts and hobbyists.

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Standard Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

3 level storage lift to park 3 cars vertically.

Simple push-button controls

Anti-skid plate platform

Electric lock Release

Accommodates cars, light trucks and SUVs

Mechanical anti-fall safety device

Laser cutting and powder coated

Car storage lift Applications

Car storage lifts have a variety of applications in both professional and residential settings, which are often used by car collectors to store multiple vehicles in a single garage. This maximizes the use of space and protects the vehicles from potential damage.

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