Rotate your vehicle up to 360°, for car driveway, display and parking.

    Car Turntable test at factory

    This rotating platform works by rotating the vehicle around a central axis. The vehicle is driven onto the platform, and then the platform is activated to rotate, which turns the vehicle in the desired direction. The rotation can be either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the design of the turntable. Nostec turntables are friction driven by electric motors.

    To operate a rotating car display platform, the driver simply drives onto the platform and stops the vehicle in the center. Then, the turntable can be activated using a control panel or remote device. The platform will then begin to rotate, turning the vehicle in the desired direction. Once the vehicle is facing the correct way, the platform can be stopped and the driver can drive off the turntable.  

    Usually aluminum alloy top finishes.

    Clockwise and Anti-clockwise direction

    Multiple choice surface mount car turntable

    Pit installation

    Can be installed indoors or outdoors

    Can be powered by electricity, voltage is can be 110v, 220v, 380v, 400v, and 415v.

    Can be customized in terms of diameter, weight capacity, and rotation speed

    Capacity can be 3ton to max 20ton

    car turntable size can be 3m to max 30m available.

    Can be equipped with safety features, such as sensors, emergency stop buttons, and protective barriers

    Particularly suit for auto show and home use.

    Friction drive motors, rely on a spinning wheel or disk that makes contact with a stationary surface, such as a tire or a belt. As the wheel or disk rotates, it creates friction against the surface it is in contact with, which causes the surface to rotate as well. Friction drive motors usually adopts 4 motor or 6 motors to work together, which depends on the plate diameter and capacity, are commonly used in applications where a high degree of precision is required, such as in bicycles, scooters, and other small vehicles


    The final look of the installation is highly dependent on the consistency of the gap and elevation between the turntable and the adjacent non-rotating floor. From our experience, we have found that forming a perfect circle to a precise diameter and then pouring that it is perfectly flat around that circle is quite ambitious. Very few concrete sub-contractors succeed in doing so on a consistent basis.

    The leveling of the turntables can be done by height-adjustable support wheels and center bearing. The pit floor should be kept +/- 1 cm within the specified pit depth. However as a result, the concrete pit need not be perfectly flat. Before installation, we recommend taking the time to verify that the pit is completely flat and poured to the correct depth, diameter, drainage and conduits are checked again. This will avoid delay and waste of money.

    Installation normally is completed within one or two working days. To ensure a smooth installation and to be ready for our installation crew please prepare the pit as follows:

    Please be sure that the pit is clean and free of concrete remains.

    The turntable equipment should be placed as close to the pit as possible. This will save time and avoid unnecessary physical strain of the crew.

    If the turntable is to be installed flush with a flooring treatment such as wood or tile which is not yet installed, please let us know this detail.

    On the installation day, please have your electrician on site to mount the control box and to make the final connections to the drive motor and control box, as early as possible.

    The motor does not need to be anchored for connections to be made. All connections can be made before turntable installation. This allows for testing and adjustments to take place earlier in the day, assuring that all issues can be sorted out immediately and a proper operation will be guaranteed.



    5.·The installation of all electrical components have to be connected according to the valid regulations and they have to be appropriate for outdoor use.

    Permanent power is required for operation of the turntable. Temporary power from generators will not work due to the presence of a VFD in the control box.

    Maintaining a car turntable involves regular inspections, cleaning, and upkeep to ensure its smooth and safe operation. Car turntables are often used in residential, commercial, and automotive settings to rotate vehicles for easier parking or access.

    The notes here may not all pertain to your specific installation but the information should prove helpful in understanding the requirements and installation of the equipment. We suggest to follow the checking list every 3-6months.

    1. Please be sure the wheels and rails are clean, or there will be noise during turntable running.
    2. Kindly checkif the control box wiring loosing or aging every 6 months.
    3. Check if each auxiliary wheels working well, please note some auxiliary wheels may not touch the rails when empty turning due to the motor wheels support on the rails, it is normal, and auxiliary wheel will also touch on the rails when car loading.
    4. Check if each motor workingcondition, not vibrative or noisy, check every 6 months.
    5. Check if thebolts on structure or platform loose or not, please tighten the screws.
    6. Check if the auxiliary wheels has any abrasion, please replace the new one for heavily abraded wheels.

    Car turntables have a variety of applications in both residential and commercial settings due to their ability to facilitate vehicle maneuvering and enhance property aesthetics. Here are some common applications of car turntables:

    Residential Applications:

    Limited Driveway Space: In properties with limited driveway space, a car turntable allows vehicles to be easily turned around without needing to reverse onto the street. 

    Tight Parking Spaces: Car turntables help drivers navigate tight parking spaces, making it easier to park vehicles without the need for complex maneuvers.

    Garages: Car turntables can be installed in home garages to eliminate the need for backing out of the garage. This is particularly useful in situations where the garage entrance is difficult to access.

    Multi vehicle Households: In households with multiple vehicles, a car turntable can provide a convenient way to park and access different vehicles without moving others.

    Luxury Properties: Car turntables can add a luxurious touch to high-end properties, offering a unique feature that enhances curb appeal and convenience.

    Home Showrooms: Homeowners who are car enthusiasts or collectors can use car turntables to display their vehicles in a home showroom setting.

    Driveway turntable: It allows vehicles to be rotated in a circular motion within a driveway or property, providing easier access and maneuvering. Driveway turntables are particularly useful in properties where space is limited or where maneuvering vehicles can be challenging.

    Residential Properties: Ideal for homeowners who want to improve driveway access and vehicle maneuvering.

    Commercial Applications:

    Car Dealerships: Car turntables are commonly used in car dealerships to showcase vehicles in showrooms. They allow vehicles to be displayed from different angles without having to move the vehicles manually.

    Showrooms and Events: In showroom settings, car turntables are used to highlight specific vehicles or to provide dynamic displays during events and exhibitions.

    Service Centers: Car service centers can use turntables to rotate vehicles for easier access during maintenance and repairs.

    Hotels and Resorts: Some hotels and resorts use car turntables for valet parking services, making it more convenient for guests to enter and exit the property.

    Event Spaces: Car turntables can be used in event spaces for unique presentations, product launches, and other special occasions.

    Parking Structures: In commercial parking structures with limited space, car turntables can optimize parking efficiency and make it easier for drivers to navigate.

    Access to Underground Garages: In urban areas, car turntables can provide access to underground garages with limited entry and exit options.

    The versatility of car turntables makes them suitable for a range of scenarios where vehicle maneuvering, space optimization, and visual appeal are important considerations. Whether in residential or commercial settings, car turntables offer practical solutions for parking and showcasing vehicles.

    Vehicle turntable

    Car turntable is also called vehicle turntable, driveway turntable, rotating platform, suit for car display, driveway, designed to move vehicles in a circular motion. It’s typically used to assist with parking, maneuvering, or showcasing cars in spaces where it might be difficult to perform U-turns or where space is limited.

    Installation steps

    The turntable is easy to understand and install, 3 workers can install one unit within 1 day according to manuals.

    Below is the installation step for reference.

    Central Bearings
    Angel Steel Connected
    Rails Around
    Rails And Angel Steel
    Structure Installed
    Connect The Structure
    Top Surface

    Standard Features

    Standard configuration comes with rotary platform.

    Available Options

    Drive Onto Ramp
    Steel Plate
    Pin-Gear Motor


    1. Frequency converting control, it makes the turntable working more smoothly.
    2. Emergency stop button: The platform can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency
    3. Disassembled transportation and fast installation: The platform will be disassembled into several pieces for easier transportation, two workers can finish installation within one day.
    4. Multiple installation possible: The turntable can be removed to another place if needed, and it is very easy for disassemble of assemble.
    5. Safety control voltage: All the button and operation parts use DC 24V safety voltage, keep users’ safety
    6. Calling device: Control cabinet and remote control available.

    Pit installation car turntable

    RP series car turntable (Pit installation)
    Self height250mm
    Speed0.2-2rpm (Frequency Control)1.8rpm
    Pit250mm depth
    Top surface

    Galvanized checkered plated standard

    Optional: Steel plate / Bricks /  Aluminum plate / Tempered glass

    Control modeControl box / Remote control
    Rotate modeClockwise / Counter-clockwise / Stop
    Power sourceAC 110v / 220v / 380v / 415v (Single or three phase)

    Standard size for choice, and customized size and capacity also available.

    4m and 4.5m is highly recommended for most cars.

    Floor mounted car turntable (Ramp around)

    RP series car turntable (Floor mounted)
    Self height180mm
    Speed0.2-2rpm (Frequency Control)1.8rpm
    Ramp500mm length
    Top surface

    Galvanized checkered plated standard

    Optional: Steel plate / Bricks /  Aluminum plate / Tempered glass

    Control modeControl box / Remote control
    Rotate modeClockwise / Counter-clockwise / Stop
    Power sourceAC 110v / 220v / 380v / 415v (Single or three phase)

    Standard size for choice, and customized size and capacity also available.

    3.5m and 4m is highly recommended for most cars.

    Car  Turntable Applications

    Car rotating platforms  are commonly found in residential properties, car dealerships, showrooms, photostudio and commercial parking structures. Whether you have a short driveway, a limited car turning circle or are looking to maximize parking space, Nostec can help.

    Video speaks more

    Please check the video below to know more about the vehicle turntable.

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