Details about 4 post cargo lift

cargo lift

4 post cargo lift is a very popular and suitable lift in warehouse and factory, used for carrying goods indoor and outdoor, providing a fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement and any level in multi-storied buildings.

Usually the 4 post cargo lift has a load capacity at least 1000kg, and can be max to 20tons, so it is very suitable for warehouse use, working shop and factory, to carry heavy materials or goods, It adopts 4 lift post and two cylinders structure, along with lifting chains and wire rope, it can stand large platform size, even for heavy trucks.
As for the lift is used for carrying heavy goods or big size goods, usually the entrance and exit can be 180 degrees, or same side entrance and exit. We have some standard platform size for reference, 1500*1500mm, 1500*1800mm, 1800*2000mm, or 2500*2800mm for choice. Besides, we can also design the lift size according to the existing environmental dimensions.
And it is also very easy to install, pit installation or ground mounted directly, we can also add the platform cabin, landing door, mesh enclosure for you.
So if you have any needs on heavy goods carrying, the 4 post cargo lift will be a very good choice for you.

Nostec lift provide you the simple and easier lifting solutions, if you have any questions, kindly contact, we will relay you asap.

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