Hydraulic Dock Leveler : A good parter for warehouse loading platform.

6-15t capacity for choice

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The hydraulic dock leveler is a kind of special mechanism which makes speed loading& unloading a reality, it helps the forklifts and other pallet truck enter into the container directly to carry the goods, load capacity can be 6t to max 15t available.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler
Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler
Dock Leveler
Hydraulic Dock Leveler Installation
Electric Dock Leveler

Standard Features

Standard configuration comes with lift

Operation steps

Step 1. When the small lip fall down onto the truck, the forklift can drive onto the ramp to load goods.

Step 2. After loading&unloading job, first lift up ramp and small lip.

Step 3. Keep pressing the Up button, the small lips will fold and come down to the original.

Step 4. Please do not do the unloading jobs when the lips not connect with truck.

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Standard model list for reference

Highly recommended lift models for the users

Model Capacity Platform size (Customizable) Lip width (mm) Travel range (mm) Self-height Power
DCQG-6 6T 2000*2000mm 400 +400 -300 600mm 0.75kw
DCQG-8 8T 2000*2000 mm 400 +400 -300 600mm 0.75kw
DCQG-10 10T 2000*2000 mm 400 +400 -300 600mm 0.75kw
DCQG-12 12T 2000*2000 mm 400 +400 -300 600mm 0.75kw

Dock leveler Applications

The dock leveler is widely used in warehouse, wharf, logistics center and distribution, postal transportation, as a connection between loading bay and container/trucks. It can also work together with dock shelter and section door.

Working video of dock leveler

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