Does Your Warehouse Need One Warehouse Cargo Lift?

Warehouse Cargo Lift

Warehouse cargo lift is a machine to lift goods vertically in a safe way.
For most of warehouse, it is not a good choice to install a cargo elevator (Traction motor) because of limit load capacity and cabin size, especially the extra support structure. But for cargo lift, we can ignore the large volume of goods and heavy duty, it is much more flexible and easier to install, because the platform size, load capacity and lift height can be customized by the user.
One the other hand, there are many special installations space, such as the small size, no pit installation, three side loading and unloading, then only the cargo lift can solve these problems, 2 post cargo lift is a very ideal choice for these problems.

Besides, the heavy load capacity is also available, Nostec lift can make max 20t capacity for lifting goods from ground to mezzanine, even for lifting forklift, lifting heavy truck.

Last, if you want more space in your warehouse, then add one mezzanine deck and one cargo lift, it helps you double the space to storage more pallets or materials.

Seeing these advantages of warehouse cargo lift, perhaps you should understand why the cargo lift is so popular, why most companies buy such a lift install in their warehouse to improve the working efficiency and save labor.

Hydraulic cargo lift uses cylinders and chains to lift up, it can be stopped exactly at the floor height with the limit switch, which is installed on the side of the lift post.
Even the cargo lift has been inspected before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements.

The user also needs to read this manual carefully and strictly follow the steps when using it.

Firstly, non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the hydraulic system, electrical control system and platform structural components.

2) When the platform is installed and used for the first time, the load test should be performed after 3 to 5 times of no-load. This step also applies after the platform overhaul.

3) The operation of cargo lift is designed as a fully automatic operation mode, and the corresponding action can be realized by pressing the corresponding button on the control box, and it will automatically stop after reaching the working height.

4) If the operator is replaced, the new operator should carefully study the operating experience of the former operator and read the manual carefully. The load should be placed in the center of the platform and overload never allowed.

5) The operator should observe during the lifting process:

The lift works smoothly during up and down.
Observe whether there is oil leakage.
Whether the hydraulic pump or other part has abnormal noise.

6) Cargo lift maintenance should be down after one year operation
Clean the hydraulic pump, replace the hydraulic oil at least once every 12 months. If the frequency of use is high, more than 30 times a day, replace the hydraulic oil once every 6 months. Use 46# hydraulic oil in winter and 32# hydraulic oil in summer.
Add sufficient lubricating oil to the rotation and transmission parts, and check whether all the fasteners of the rail-type lifting platform are loose.
Check the wear of the top rod of the cylinder, check whether the control circuit and electrical appliances are corroded and rusted if lift installed outdoor, and whether the joints of the circuit are loose, collapsed, rusted, etc. Find problems and deal with them in time.
Whether the steel structure of cargo lift is corroded or rusted, clean it up in time, spray paint, and check all the fasteners of the hydraulic oil circuit.

Then How to choose a cargo lift?

Hydraulic warehouse cargo lift provides a fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement and any level in multi-storied buildings, some customers know it very well, but there are also many customers know little about cargo lift, so today here we talk about some matters needed attention when you choose the cargo lift.

Cargo lift is often used for carrying goods, it works a long time per day, so it’s very important to choose a good quality and safety lift. So how to make a good warehouse cargo lift?
Some suggestions are as follows.

1. First the electric cabinet must come with PLC, just a small PLC can replace many intermediate relay and contactor, which will reduce the electrical accident or any other lost due to components broken, and make the cabinet more simple. Besides, the PLC also comes with detection and communication function, we can find the problem easily from the small indicator light on PLC, which will save much time on troubleshoot problems. Just a small PLC provide much more functions than before, that’s a very good choice for you.

2. Please ask the supplier to provide the quick connector of all the wires, and also marked clearly, which will help you a lot on wire connection, and avoid the wiring problem, just assure a normal person can connect and operate easily. Because most of users are not electric engineer, so that will also save your time and other cost

3. A good cargo lift has an emergency decline valve, emergency stop valve and anti-explosion valve in the cylinder, this is the basic function needed on the cargo elevator.

The three points above is very important for the lift, please note this when you buy a cargo lift.
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