Drive the mast lift at raised height.

Vertical mast lift

Driveable mast lift

Driveable mast lift, also known as a vertical mast lift or drivable mast lift, is a type of aerial work platform used for lifting personnel and their equipment to elevated work areas, it features compact dimensions, straight elevation. With ultra-narrow design, drivable mast boom lift is ideal lifting solutions for compact spaces that require up-and-over capabilities for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Features

Drivable at full height

Non-Marking Tires

Indoor and outdoor use

Customized logo

Compact size and light weight

Driveable mast lift Applications

Drivable mast lift can provide working height from 4m to max 11.2m, which suit for most working setting, even small doorways and elevators, so it is ideal single man lift for indoor use, like hotel, station, bank, factory, airports, doing cleaning, installation and maintenance jobs.

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