Best choice for aerial work, indoor and outdoor use.

    Electric Scissor Lift Pictures

    Electric Scissor Lift

    Electric scissor lift, is also called self propelled scissor lift, the user can control the lift up and down, drive it forward and backward directly on the upper platform, it can go from 6m to max 14m platform height, suit for indoor and outdoor use.

    Standard Features

    Standard configuration comes with lift
    Turning Wheels
    Lift battery box
    Batter Group
    Emergency Descent
    Lift Stowed

    Standard model list for reference

    Highly recommended electric scissor lift models for the users

    Model GTJZ-6 GTJZ-8 GTJZ-10 GTJZ-12 GTJZ-14
    Platform height 6m 8m 10m 12m 13.8m
    Working height 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m
    Load capacity 550kg 450kg 320kg 320kg 227kg
    Platform size 2260*1130mm
    Extended table 900mm
    Ground clearance 19mm/100mm
    Grade ability 25%
    Travel speed(Closed) 3.5km/h
    Travel speed(Raised) 0.8km/h
    Tyre φ381*127mm
    Turning radius 2.2m 2.7m
    Wheelbase 1895mm 7m 7m 8m 2230mm
    Lifting motor 24v/3.3kw 24v/3.3kw 24v/3.3kw 24v/4.5kw 24v/4.5kw
    Battery 4x6V/225ah 4x6V/240ah 4x6V/240ah 4x12V/300ah 4x12V/300ah
    Charger 24V/25A
    Overall length 2475mm 2475mm 2475mm 2475mm 2840mm
    Overall width 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1390mm
    Overall height 2158mm 2286mm 2414mm 2542mm 2590mm
    Self-weight 2060kg 2190kg 2430kg 2960kg 3320kg

    Application of electric scissor lift

    The electric scissor lift suit for both indoor and outdoor use, like stations, terminals, airports, workshop, plants, stadiums, etc.

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