Frequently Asked Questions about buying a cargo lift

Warehouse Cargo Lift

The warehouse cargo lift provides a fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement and any level in multi-storied buildings, some customers may bought the lift before, but there are also many customers to buy the cargo lift at the first time, please read this article carefully, that will help you a lot to buy the cargo lift.

Cargo lift is often called goods lift, which is used for carrying goods indoor and outdoor, so it is usually customized according to the different size and installation site.
So let’s see the lift information below that you should know clearly when you inquiry:

1. Load Capacity: The max weight that the lift can carry, it depends on the goods weight you carry, 500kg to 10ton are available. But for 2 post cargo lift, the max capacity is up to 1000kg, so please inquiry 4 post cargo lift if you need 1000kg capacity above.

2. Lift height: Distance from DECK to Ground, it is also the travel height of platform, from the level you load the goods to another level you unload the goods, usually it is 2 stops, but the lift can be also 3 stops, 4 stops or max to 6 stops according to your actual needs.

3. Local Voltage: As your local, drives the motor. Usually it will be 3 phase for the motor. Single phase is also available for home use lift.

4. Entrance&Exit: Please confirm clearly which side is entrance&exit of each level, then we can set the door there, you can also send the site photos and mark the entrance&exit, it is much more easier to understand for both.

5. Where will the lift be place on? Do you prefer. Pit installation or ground mounted directly, Nostec lift will provide the small ramp for ground mounted lift and pit drawing for pit installation.

Finally we recommend the PLC electric cabinet, just a small PLC can replace many intermediate relay and contactor, which will reduce the electrical accident or any other lost due to components broken, and make the cabinet more simple. Besides, the PLC also comes with detection and communication function, you can find the problem easily from the small indicator light on PLC, which will save much time on troubleshoot problems. Just a small PLC provide much more functions than before, that’s a very good choice for you.


The above information should be provided when you inquiry the cargo lift, then we can make the shop drawing and detailed quotation, our sales person can also recommend other optional parts according to your requirements, for your better use.
Nostec lift provide you the simple and easier lifting solutions, if you have any questions, kindly contact, we will relay you asap.

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