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Scissor Lift Table

Scissor lift table is used to lifting goods between the ground floor and mezzanine, it can be fixed into the pit to keep the same level with ground, or fixed on the ground directly for convenient loading/unloading work. Widely used in factory, warehouse, logistic center, airport and so on.

Some customers may bought the lift before, but there are also many customers to buy the scissor lift at the first time, please read this article carefully, that will help you understand a lot about the scissor lift. Because it is usually customized according to the different size and installation site or capacity, so let’s see the lift information below that you should know clearly when you inquiry:

1. What should you provide when inquiry?
We need to know the basic information for inquiry, load capacity, lift height or travel height you need, platform size, and local voltage.

2. Is the scissor lift customized?
Yes, all the scissor lift are customized, including lift height, load capacity and platform size, even the color, and safety measures.

3. Can you provide the standard model of scissor lift?
According to hundreds of scissor lift projects, Nostec lift summarized some standard models for choice, ranges from 500kg to 5000kg, height from 1m to max 3m.

4. How to control the lift up and down?
The lift comes with main control box and control panel, it has UP, DOWN and STOP buttons, keep pressing the ‘UP’ or ‘’DOWN’ button, the lift will work.
5. Shall we add the guide roller or support post for scissor lift?
If the lift goes up more than 3.5m or it go through the hole, we will add the support post for much more stable working of lift.
6. Is it ok if no pit available for scissor lift.
Sure, the lift can also be ground mounted directly, we can provide the small ramp if you need.
And please also note, the travel height equals the lift height at this situation.

7. Entrance&Exit: Please confirm clearly which side is entrance&exit of each level, then we can design the scissor structure and add the guardrail.

8. Which color available?
Usually we have standard yellow, blue, red, black as standard, we can also make as the RAL number you provide.

Now you may understand more about the scissor lift, if you have any other requirements, please email to, we can provide more detailed solutions and answers for you.

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