How to choose lift table

Scissor lift table is used to lifting goods between the ground floor and mezzanine, it can be fixed into the pit to keep the same level with ground, or fixed on the ground directly for convenient loading/unloading work. Widely used in factory, warehouse, logistic center, airport and so on.

Then how to choose the suitable scissor lift table? How to buy a good quality and suitable scissor lift? Actually different configurations can achieve different usage, so customer can choose the appropriate scissor lift table configuration to achieve better use according to the surrounding environment and their own use requirements.

1. Based on the installation or working environmentThe lift table can be used according to actual environment and the operation requirements, to lift height, travel height, load capacity, and other customized specifications. For example, the lift sound must be very quite if the lift is used in food processing factory, the lift need to be anti-explosion if it is working with naked fire.
Sometimes it is used outdoors without external power supply, in this way, battery can be considered for power supply. And the lift motor or control box need the motor cover if is outdoor used.

2. Use frequency of scissor lift platformWhen you choose hydraulic scissor lift, usually we will ask how often the lift is used, please also note if the lift is working all the time, we will suggest large capacity than you required, and use the bigger power for the lift, so the lift is not working at the full load all the time, it may cause equipment damage.
So the most expensive is not the best, choose and buy a suitable for their ability to play more outstanding in the later work.
3. Choose a professional supplierObserve whether the production skills of the factory staff are skilled. A company with many talents can also produce reliable products, and the salesman must be very familiar with the lift and provide the suitable solutions.

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