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Car turntable is also called a vehicle turntable, driveway turntable, or rotating platform, suited for car display, or driveway, designed to move vehicles in a circular motion.  Usually, the turntable can be pit installation and floor mounted, the two types almost have the same installation procedures, just a pit difference, then how to install a car turntable? Let’s share some feedback from installers.

Cautions For Car Turntable Installation

1. The final look of the installation is highly dependent on the consistency of the gap and elevation between the turntable and the adjacent non-rotating floor. From our experience, we have found that forming a perfect circle to a precise diameter and then pouring that it is perfectly flat around that circle is quite ambitious. Very few concrete sub-contractors succeed in doing so on a consistent basis.

2. The leveling of the turntables can be done by height-adjustable support wheels and center bearing. The pit floor should be kept +/- 1 cm within the specified pit depth. However, as a result, the concrete pit need not be perfectly flat. Before installation, we recommend taking the time to verify that the pit is completely flat and poured to the correct depth and diameter, and that drainage and conduits are checked again. This will avoid delay and waste of money.

3. Installation normally is completed within one or two working days. To ensure a smooth installation and to be ready for our installation crew please prepare the pit as follows: a. Please be sure that the pit is clean and free of concrete remains. b. The turntable equipment should be placed as close to the pit as possible. This will save time and avoid unnecessary physical strain on the crew. c. If the turntable is to be installed flush with a flooring treatment such as wood or tile which is not yet installed, please let us know this detail.

4. On the installation day, please have your electrician on site to mount the control box and to make the final connections to the drive motor and control box, as early as possible. The motor does not need to be anchored for connections to be made. All connections can be made before turntable installation. This allows for testing and adjustments to take place earlier in the day, assuring that all issues can be sorted out immediately and a proper operation will be guaranteed.

5. The installation of all electrical components have to be connected according to the valid regulations and they have to be appropriate for outdoor use.

6. Permanent power is required for the operation of the turntable. Temporary power from generators will not work due to the presence of a VFD in the control box.

Making a round pit for Turntable

First, we need to make a 250mm depth, the round size can be 20cm larger than the turntable diameter. And make the concrete floor.



Secondly, concreting the round circle, make sure the inner size is about 4530mm, then we can use 50*50*5mm angle steel bending to mount the edge of the circle, it can protect the concrete when the cars drive onto the turntable.



After that, we can start the structure installation of turntable.



The video shows how to install a Car turntable.


Notice before car turntable installation:

1.1 Usually the pit diameter is 30-40mm bigger than turntable diameter.

1.2. The pit floor should be kept +/- 1 cm within the specified pit depth, pit is as possible as flat.

1.3. Place the Center bearing at the middle center of the pit.

2. Then put the 8pcs steel strip around the center bearing.

3. Put the 8pcs rail track outside the steel strip, waiting for connection

Notice: The 8pcs rail track are marked with number 1-8, it is clockwise from 1-8

4. Connect the center bearing and steel strip by M16-40 screws.

5. Connect the rail track with steel strip by screws

6. Place the steel works on the upside of rail track, total 8pcs; Motors are installed on the steel works already, total 4 motors

7. The steel works are also marked with 1-8, clockwise.

8. Connect the steel works by screw M12-100

9. Now we can wire the motors at the center bearing, One motor has 3 lines(Red, yellow and blue)

10. The connect the power to control box and wire to the center bearing

11. Then try the turntable, press the remote control, Check if all motors and wheels are working well

12. Then pave the top plate, Fixed it by small screws M5-12.

13. Test the turntable, Press Up button, anticlockwise rotation.

Finished turntable

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