How to operate the lift table

Lift Trailer

The scissor lift table is a machine to lift goods or pallets even cars to a higher level in a safe way, which provide much more convenient for the user. The lift can be fixed into the pit to keep the same level with ground. Or fixed on the ground directly for convenient loading/unloading work, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations and storage.
If you use the lift in workshop and ground mounted directly, we can also move the lift once the site job is finished, it will be very convenient to move it by the lifting hooks, then we have a question, how to operate the scissor lift in a right way, or what shall we pay attention to when we operate the lift?

1. To lift and drop the platform, “up” or “down” button should be pressed. In case the platform does not respond, please immediately stop and perform an inspection;

2. In case the lifting platform is found with high working pressure or abnormal sounds, please immediately stop and perform an inspection to avoid any possible damages;

3. Upon the completion of installation of the scissor lift table, a weather enclosure shall be set up immediately to avoid being damaged by rains;

4. The hinge pins among all moving parts and scissor fork arms should be filled with lubricants frequently to keep lubricant and reduce attrition;

5. The diesel and gasoline should be used for cleaning when cleaning and replacing hydraulic components. For those temporarily unused hydraulic components, the oil ports should be
sealed and wrapped to prevent foreign matters getting inside;

6. Cottons and other fibre-shedding fabrics are prohibited to clean the hydraulic components in order to avoid contamination;

7. The hydraulic power unit should be situated at where shelters from rain and water;

8.The site where equipment will be used should be equipped with stable voltage for the purpose of normal use;

9. Regular maintenance and refueling as required are advised so as to replace hydraulic oil and check possible abrasion.

10. If there are pits on the site, waterproofing measures must be taken as required.

11. The o-ring should be used to prevent oil leak when connecting to the oil pipe;

12. The entirety of chassis should be padded tight when blocking up the machine;

13. The oil pipes and wires should be fixed to prevent being run over by the running machine.

If you take good care of the scissor lift table, it will also work better and longer, so please operate the lift carefully, and please contact us if you have any question about operating the lift.

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