How to Select the Best Car Lifts for Home Garage?

car lift for home garages

In big cities, land is a precious resource, especially in places where housing prices are skyrocketing. Finding a place to live is hard, and finding a place to park your car safely is harder. Enters garage car lift, an innovative solution that doubles your parking space by allowing you to park one vehicle above another.

What is the concept of a home garage car lift?

As the name suggests, it is a lift that lifts your car and solves the parking space problem of your home garage. It essentially doubles your parking space by allowing you to park one car on top of another car.

Types of car lifts for home garages?

Home garage car lifts come in many types, with each type offering different functionalities, advantages, disadvantages, and features. Your choice should depend on your available space in the garage, the weight of your vehicle, and the intended use of the lift eg for storage or service.

Four-Post Car Lifts:
These lifts are the most common and user-friendly ones, with a drive-on and park method for mounting. These are ideal for cars, boats, and ATVs as it allows for storing two of the mentioned vehicles in a single space.

Two-Post Car Lifts:
Also known as overhead lifts, these are less popular for home usage and more common in vehicle repair/maintenance shops. They have a simple installation, consisting of two solid posts, four adjustable arms, and hydraulic components. Hence, they require less place than four-post lifts and are typically used for lighter vehicles.

Scissor Car Lifts:
These are compact lifts, that take up minimal space as they utilize a scissor-like mechanism to move up and down the vehicles. It’s worth noting that these lifts do not allow for parking another vehicle underneath and offer limited access to the underside of the vehicle. Scissor Car Lift is ideal for oil changing and tire services.

Portable Car Lifts:
For those with very limited garage space, portable car lifts are the solution for you. These lifts offer flexibility and are lightweight, making them easier for transportation. These are available in a wide range of configurations like single posts, scissor-style lifts, and specific models like QuickJack portable lifts. Due to their compactness and mobility, they can only handle lightweight vehicles.

Parking Lifts:
Designed to allow two cars in a single parking space, these lifts come with a full drive-on deck and you can opt between getting a single post or two posts. These offer dedicated wheel engagement and are not appropriate for automotive service or maintenance.

Mobile Column Lifts:
These are somewhat similar to four-post lifts but created to offer more mobility. Lifts like this can installed anywhere in the ground and be a permanent solution, increasing the parking capacity without taking up floor space.

In-Ground Lifts:
For localities where space is even more limited, in-ground lifts are the solution. These lifts are installed into the ground and provide a permanent solution.

Can you put a car lift in a normal garage?

Yes, you definitely can put a car lift for the home garage, but make sure the following requirements are met.

  • Ceiling Height: Your car needs somewhere between 30-40 inches of space from the garage floor to the lift base for proper space and ground clearance. A standard two-post car lift is about 9 feet tall and can be installed in a garage with a ceiling as low as 9 feet 6 inches but any standard typical car lift needs at least 11-12 feet of clearance height, as ceiling height is a critical factor for lifts.
  • Garage Door Modification: Standard garage doors usually accommodate most car lifts, however, you might need to raise or expand the door tracks to the ceiling as it might be required to accommodate the lift.
  • Size of Your Vehicle: Before you purchase the best car lift for home garage, consider the height of the vehicle once it’s raised, are you planning to use it for a normal-sized vehicle or the largest and heaviest vehicle? Make sure you have the ceiling high enough for it.
  • Voltage and Accessories: Some car lifts may require higher voltages, and some might need a compressor, make sure that your garage can access the voltage and compressor requirement of the car lift.
  • Safety and Support: Before purchasing any car lift, make sure that your home garage adheres to all safety requirements for car lifts.

What to look for when you select a high-quality car lift garage?

When selecting a high-quality car lift for your home garage, we have listed down a few crucial factors you should consider before you make the purchase.

  • Space Requirements: Make sure your home garage, meets all height and ceiling dimensions required depending on the lift you plan to purchase. The height of your garage should exceed the lift’s height requirements.
  • Power Requirements: There are some lifts that require fixed electrical power, such as a 30-amp circuit. Ensure your garage can provide these requirements.
  • Type of Vehicle: Considering the size and weight of your vehicle is essential as there are different lifts in the market with varying weight and dimension capacities. This ensures that the lift can easily support your vehicle without causing damage or safety risks.
  • Additional Features: Consider accessories as many lifts come with various additional accessories such as adapters, floor anchors, and casters for easy movement.
  • Installation Considerations: Install your lifts professionally to ensure the safety and proper functionality of the lift, and consider the cost of installation, modifications, and electrical work.
  • Type of Lift: Consider the space of the home garage and the type of your vehicle, based on these, your requirement of lift may vary. A two-post lift might be more beneficial for you than four-post or scissor lifts, portable lifts may be a better candidate. If your space is limited, consider portable or compact lifts. Look for lifts made from high-quality materials like powder-coated steel for added rust prevention.
  • Certifications and Warranty: Always opt for lifts that are tested, and certified like CE-certified and ISO 9001 compliant. Prefer lifts made by known and reliable manufacturers. Look for lifts with warranties on parts as it would cover your maintenance and repairs in the future.


In conclusion, selecting the best car lifts for home garage requires careful consideration, but once these are installed they optimize your garage spaces and ensure the safety of your car.

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