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    Why Choose Nostec Lift For Hydraulic Lift Table At Your Workplace?

    Superior Quality and Durability

    Nostec Lift is well known for manufacturing the best hydraulic lift tables in the market. Such tables are highly durable with a focus on using strong materials that can be used in highly utilized industrial environments. If you require a hydraulic lifting table in a manufacturing company or a warehouse company, Nostec Lift guarantees quality and efficiency.

    Enhanced Workplace Safety

    Safety is a top priority for any workplace. Nostec Lift's industrial hydraulic lift table is designed with multiple safety features. By investing in a hydraulic lift table from Nostec Lift, you reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

    Customizable Solutions

    Each company is different and has its own needs and that is why Nostec Lift is here for you. We have hydraulic lifting tables that you can choose from and these tables can be modified to fit your requirements. Nostec Lift has the solutions for your requirements such as size, weight, or any other specifications you may require.

    Improved Efficiency and Productivity

    For your workplace, a hydraulic lift table from Nostec Lift could make all the difference to the productivity of your workforce. These tables improve the movement of heavy items as well as minimize the amount of work that is done by hand. Some of the features include adjustable height settings, this is because with Nostec Lift’s scissor lift table, it becomes so easy to work at different heights.

    Excellent Customer Support

    By choosing Nostec Lift you will get not only a high-quality product but also great customer support as well. Our team is always on hand to help you with installation, and maintenance, and likewise to solve any problems that you may encounter.

    Cost-Effective Investment

    Investing in a Nostec Lift hydraulic lifting table is a cost-effective decision. This ensures the user only spends less money in the long run since they will not be spending money to buy new products frequently.

    Hydraulic lift table is a piece of equipment used to raise and lower heavy loads vertically. It typically consists of a flat platform mounted on scissor-like legs and hydraulic cylinders. Lift tables are used in various industries and applications to facilitate the movement of goods, improve ergonomics for workers, and enhance efficiency in tasks that involve lifting and positioning heavy objects.

    Top Platform: This is the flat surface where the load is placed. It can be flat platform or anti-skid checkered platform, or other rollers platform. The platform’s size and shape depend on the lift table’s purpose and the size of the items it will handle.

    Scissor Mechanism: The scissor mechanism consists of interconnected metal arms arranged in a crisscross pattern, resembling a scissor when extended. This mechanism provides the vertical movement of the platform. When the scissor arms are extended, the platform rises; when they are retracted, the platform lowers.


    Hydraulic Cylinders: Hydraulic lift tables use hydraulic cylinders to power the scissor mechanism. The cylinders are connected to the scissor arms and are responsible for extending and retracting them. Hydraulic fluid is pressurized to create the lifting force in the cylinders.

    Hydraulic Pump and Motor: A hydraulic pump is used to generate the hydraulic pressure needed to operate the lift table. An electric motor is commonly used to power the hydraulic pump. When the motor activates the pump, it pressurizes the hydraulic fluid, causing the cylinders to extend and raise the platform.

    Control System: Lift tables are controlled using buttons or switches. The control system allows operators to raise, lower, and stop the platform’s movement. Some lift tables have additional safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety bars to prevent accidents.

    Base and Frame: The base of the lift table provides stability and support for the entire structure. It is usually mounted on wheels or feet, depending on whether the lift table needs to be mobile or stationary. The frame connects the scissor mechanism to the base and provides structural integrity.

    Safety Features: Lift tables often include safety features such as, Explosion-proof valves, emergency stop button, Emergency drop valve, safety trip bars, safety skirts, and overload protection. These features are crucial for ensuring the safety of operators and preventing accidents.

    Usually the small lift table cost about factory price $1500-$5500, but for some heavy duty and high rise scissor lift table, it will cost about factory price $4000-$9000, only standard features, not included the safety skirts or other accessories.

    If you need 2units or above, no doubt you will get a discount, because the truck transportation fees and some labor fees in production can be shared on each unit.

    But when the buyer calculate the price, you need add the shipping cost, import fees, installation cost and maintenance fees.

    Notice on Nostec Bonus policy:

    1. You can get a usd200 bonus if you can send back 2 photos and 1 video of Nostec lift working after installation! Only one time on each project each 3 years.
    2. You will get 5% discount for the repeated purchase, and all resellers get reseller price.
    3. You can get another usd200 bonus if you introduced a buyer to Nostec, and bought from Nostec.
    4. All the bonus can be paid by Paypal or as a deposit of next order.

    Firstly Nostec will provide some standard models with detailed price for reference, you can choose one or two models which is enough for your job to get quotation. But since most projects are customized, you may have the special requirements on height, capacity and size, so if will better if you can help to confirm the following information:

    1. Load Capacity: The max weight that the lift can carry, it depends on the goods weight you carry, 300kg to 10ton are available.
    2. Lift height: Distance fromground to working level,it is also the travel height of platform, from the level you load the goods to another level you unload the goods; But if the lift is placed on the ground directly, please also consider the self height of lift.
    3. Platform size: The size should be enough for your job, suit for the max goods size or based on the site size.
    4. Other accessories the user need for better performance, such as safety skirts, remote control, tilting platform, round platform, or turntable on platform.

    Visual Inspection: Regularly inspect the lift table visually for any signs of wear, damage, or fluid leaks. Check the platform, scissor mechanism, hydraulic cylinders, and other components for any abnormalities.

    Lubrication: Keep the scissor mechanism and other moving parts well-lubricated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lubrication prevents friction and reduces wear on components.

    Hydraulic System: If your lift table is hydraulic, monitor the hydraulic fluid level and quality. Check for leaks, and ensure that the fluid is at the recommended level. Replace hydraulic fluid as needed, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    Electrical System: For electric lift tables, inspect the electrical components for any signs of damage or loose connections. Ensure that control panels, switches, and wiring are in good condition.

    Safety Features: Test safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety bars, and velocity fuses to make sure they are functioning properly. These features are critical for operator safety.

    Load Capacity: Always adhere to the lift table’s load capacity limits. Overloading the lift table can lead to premature wear and even accidents.

    Cleaning: Keep the lift table clean by regularly removing debris, dirt, and other contaminants. A clean lift table is less likely to experience mechanical issues.

    Wear and Tear: Replace any worn or damaged components promptly. This includes worn-out rollers, scissor arms, platform surfaces, and any other parts that may affect the lift table’s performance.

    Regular Servicing: Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, schedule regular servicing by trained technicians. They can perform in-depth inspections, adjustments, and repairs to ensure the lift table is in optimal condition.

    Operator Training: Ensure that anyone operating the lift table is properly trained in its use, including safety protocols and emergency procedures. Misuse or improper operation can lead to equipment damage and accidents.

    Documentation: Keep detailed records of maintenance activities, inspections, repairs, and any issues encountered. This documentation can help track the lift table’s history and provide insights for future maintenance needs.

    Replacement Parts: When replacing parts, always use genuine manufacturer-approved parts. Using non-approved parts can affect the lift table’s performance and safety.

    Material Handling: Lift tables are commonly used in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers to move heavy items between different levels, such as loading and unloading trucks or transferring goods to storage areas.

    Assembly and Workstations: Lift tables can provide ergonomic benefits by allowing workers to adjust the height of their workstations, reducing strain and improving productivity.

    Maintenance and Repairs: Lift tables are used to lift vehicles and machinery for maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

    Packaging and Shipping: Lift tables aid in packaging tasks by positioning items at a comfortable height for packaging and preparing them for shipping.

    Scissor Lift table

    Scissor lift platform is also called hydraulic scissor lift, which is designed for carrying heavy and big size goods, materials and cars from one level to another. It will be mounted into the pit for easier loading and unloading, just like a big size goods elevator, saves much labor and improves the working efficiency.

    Standard Features

    Standard configuration comes with lift
    scissor lift trip bar
    Safety Trip Bar
    Flat Platform
    lift switch
    Lift Limit Switch
    Control Panel

    Available  Options

    scissor lift safety cover
    Scissor Lift Safety Cover
    hydraulic lift table
    U Shape Sissor Lift
    Wheels Lift
    Round Platform
    scissor lift control box
    Scissor Lift Cover
    Scissor Lift Ramp

    Standard model list for reference

    Highly recommended scissor lift table models for the users

    ModelLoad capacityMin heightMax heightTable sizeNet weightVoltage

    Scissor lift table applications

    This type scissor table have many applications,, such as workshop, warehouse, garage, facilitating handling, production flows, logistics flows and even outdoor use.

    scissor lift table
    scissor lift table
    scissor lift table
    hydraulic scissor lift table
    scissor lift table
    scissor lift table

    Safety Devices

    Safety measures comes with scissor lift

    Emergency drop valve

    The upper car can be lowered by manually operating the solenoid valve in case of power failure

    Emergency stop button

    The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

    Maintain support bar

    Support platform for maintain work.

    Explosion-proof valves

    when hydraulic hose breaks the lift will stop immediately.

    Safety trip bar(Optional)

    The lift will be stopped immediately if the bottom meets any obstacles when going down.

    Safety output 24V voltage

    control box has over-voltage and overload protection

    Motor cover

    Motor cover for outdoor use with waterproof function (Optional)

    Removable rails

    1.1m high on lengthwise rails

    Video speaks more

    Please check the video below to know more about the scissor lift.

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