Key features

Laser cutting and powder coating process
Upper and lower landing limits
Upper final limit
Heavy duty capacity available
Simple operation.
Emergency stop buttons.

Push to run controls
PLC Control
24V DC control circuit
Lifts can be Stopped at Any Point During Operation
Construction of self-supporting or supported mast.
5 year warranty on the structural components
1 year on the electrical components

Safety device

  • 1. Emergency drop: The upper car can be lowered by manually operating the solenoid valve in case of power failure
    2. Emergency stop button: The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency
    3. Anti-falling device: The platform can park at the locking tabs, also the cylinder takes no any pressure.
    4. By using the key, you can control the lift up and down, also lock it when no use.
    5. Safety output 24V voltage, control box has over-voltage and overload protection.
    6. Safety valve in cylinder: when hydraulic hose breaks the lift will stop immediately.
    7. Motor cover for outdoor use with waterproof function (Optional)


Max Platform Height 3m 4m 5m 6m 7m
Lift capacity 3000kg-10,000kg
Speed 70mm/s
Minimum Platform size 2200*5000mm
Max platform size 3000*6000mm
Installation space (Platform Width+600mm)*(Depth+100mm)
Access direction 180° or 90° in and out
Control ways Platform control, main control box
Surface finishing Powder coating
Color Available in Blue, yellow, red, dark color
Closed height 200mm to 300mm
Installation type Loading ramp/pit mounted
Working pressure ≤13Mpa
Drive mode Hydraulic cylinder
Control mode PLC control
Control voltage 24V DC
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3 phase
Foundation requirement
  1. Concrete thickness≥300mm
  1. Concrete strength≥C20 (200Mpa)

Case studies

Working video for reference

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