Key features

T6 series aluminum alloy
Powder coating
No welding connection
180°or 90°access
Two or three stops available
PLC control
24V DC control
Lift height ranges from 600mm to 6000mm
Hydraulic drive system: stable and safety
Electromagnet lock (if comes with door)
Multi-safe-device to protect operator’ safety
5 years warranty for the structure
2 years warranty for the whole lift

Structure decomposition

Safety device:

  • 1. Automatic ramp: 75°ramp Range and prevent the wheelchair outside

    2. Safety control voltage: All the button and operation parts use DC 24V safety voltage, keep users’ safety

    3. Platform lock: Lock the platform in case of any mis-operation by the children or strangers.

    4. Emergency Stop: The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

    5. Emergency Lowering: The platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure

    6. Emergency limit switch: Keep the lift working as normal in case of the up limit switch broken.

    7. Over-current protection: The lift will stop working once over current to protect the motor

    8. IP66 electrical parts: Protect from the rain or wet weather, suitable for out use

    9. Standardized components: Replaceable in time for all lifetime, never worry about broken parts

    10. Safety Sensor under platform: The lift will be stopped immediately if the bottom meets any obstacles when going down, especially to protect the children if he enter accidentally.

    11. Mechanical anti-falling device: The device will lock the lift within 0.15S and keep it in its position if the chain was cut off, assure the users'safety in case of any emergency


Max Platform Height 1200 1600 2000 2400 2800 3200 3600 +400… 6000
Stops 2
Lift capacity 250kg
Speed 70mm/s
Platform size 1420*900mm
Dimension 1420mm(Not include ramp size)*1260mm(W)* (H+850) mm
Access direction 180°in and out
Ramp angle 75°
Control ways Platform control, post control, remote control
Mode of Motion Hold-to-run control
Color Standard white, powder coating
Material T6 series aluminum alloy
Drive mode Hydraulic cylinder+ Chain
Control mode PLC control
Control voltage 24V DC
Voltage 220V/50HZ/1 phase, 10A
Motor Power 1.5kw
Pump flow 98ML/S
Working pressure 10MPa
Hydraulic tank capacity 8L(Height ≤3.2m); 15L(Height>3.2m)

Case studies

Working video for reference

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