Push around mast lift, 4m to 16m available.

2 types Push around mast lift

Push around single mast lift

Push-around mast lift

Push-around mast lift is a type of aerial work platform (AWP) used for vertical access to elevated work areas. It is a compact, mobile lift designed for relatively low heights and is manually operated, meaning the user pushes the lift into position. Push-around mast lifts are commonly used in various indoor maintenance, construction, and industrial applications where space is limited, and a compact and lightweight solution is required.

Push around mast lift Applications

Push-around mast lifts offer a practical solution for accessing elevated work areas indoors. It is widely used for Maintenance and repair tasks in indoor environments such as retail stores, office buildings, hotels, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities.

Video speaks more

Please check the video below to know more about the push around mast lift.

The max platform hieght of Single mast type can be 11m, while double mast type can be 16m.

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