Big platform size and capacity, for car lifting, show and stage.

car scissor lift platform

    Scissor lift Pictures

    Scissor Lift Platform

    Scissor lift platform is also called hydraulic scissor lift, which is designed for carrying heavy and big size goods, materials and cars from one level to another. It will be mounted into the pit for easier loading and unloading, just like a big size goods elevator, saves much labor and improves the working efficiency.

    Standard Features

    Standard configuration comes with lift
    lift hose valve
    Lift Hose Valve
    Checkered platform
    Lift Platform
    scissor car lift pump
    Pump Station
    double deck scissor car lift
    Removable Guardrail
    Lift control box
    Scissor Lift Control Box
    scissor lift control panel
    Scissor Lift Control Panel
    Down limit switch
    Down Limit Switch
    lift cylinder
    Lift Cylinder
    lift hook
    Lift Hook

    Upgraded Options

    Better Protection, Better Performance! Nostec lift can provide rich options for cargo lift, such as mesh enclosure, floor mesh, ground installation if site not available for pit, roller shutter door and safety, electric lock, and motor cover box for pump station and control.

    Flat Platform
    Flat platform
    scissor lift trip bar
    Safety trip bar
    double deck scissor car lift

    Standard model list for reference

    Highly recommended scissor platform lift models for the users

    ModelLoad capacityMin heightTravel heightTable sizeMotorVoltage

    Scissor lift platform applications

    This type scissor lift have many applications,, such as workshop, warehouse, garage, facilitating handling, production flows, logistics flows and even outdoor use.

    Scissor lift platform
    Scissor lift platform
    Scissor lift platform
    Scissor lift platform
    Scissor lift platform

    Safety Devices

    Safety measures comes with scissor lift

    Emergency drop valve

    The upper car can be lowered by manually operating the solenoid valve in case of power failure

    Emergency stop button

    The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

    Maintain support bar

    Support platform for maintain work.

    Explosion-proof valves

    when hydraulic hose breaks the lift will stop immediately.

    Safety trip bar(Optional)

    The lift will be stopped immediately if the bottom meets any obstacles when going down.

    Safety output 24V voltage

    control box has over-voltage and overload protection

    Removable rails

    1.1m high on lengthwise rails

    Upper final limit

    Upper final limit as safety backup switch The limit switch can also work in case of one broken

    Motor cover

    Motor cover for outdoor use with waterproof function (Optional)

    Video speaks more

    Please check the video below to know more about the scissor platform lift.

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