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If you know very clearly what you need, then just tell us your requirements, Nostec team will provide the design and quotation accordingly.
If you are not sure what you need or which models is more suitable, just tell us what you want, Nostec team can provide some suggestions according to the site size or your idea, then get into the further discussion.

Drawings help to confirm:

Usually the drawings speak more than words. And it is helpful for both of us to understand each other, Nostec team can provide the detailed drawing to avoid any misunderstanding.


Wanna a faster delivery? or a normal delivery?
Nostec team can make it! For most of customized lifts, we can finish production within 15 working days, some even 7 days, and there are also some standard lifts always in stock.

Warranty Policy

The warranty period of NOSTEC’s Hydraulic lift is 24 months since it starts the machine delivered to the customer. The warranty includes the whole lift.

During warranty period, NOSTEC will free repair or offer free replace parts, and also take the round-trip courier charges.
Out of warranty period, the buyer should absorb the round-trip courier charges and spare parts fees.

1. For the main structure, NOSTEC offer five years warranty and for the below spare parts, we offer 12 months warranty, if there are quality issues within the warranty, NOSTEC will repair or replace them for free.
Hydraulic system: Pump station, control system, hydraulic cylinder, oil tube, Limit switch, electrical system parts
Motor type: Motor, chains, sliding block, structures, limit switch, electric box and other parts.
2. The spare parts will be shipped with machine, if the customer need more, the buyer should take the round-trip courier charges, NOSTEC offer spare parts fees.
Limit switch(one set comes two pieces), sliding block, roller, tension spring for unlock, Several screws,

Notice: The customer should check the machine parts and test it within 30days from delivery, NOSTEC will also provide the parts for free if any broken parts caused by shipment.


The following situations don’t belong to the scope of warranty
1. The user violates OPERATION MANUAL AND WARRANTY MANUAL and disobeys the requirements of Safety Operation Procedure. Machinery accident caused by improper operation or do not did the daily maintenance and adjustment.
2. The machinery fails during the warranty period. Without written consent and authorization from NOSTEC, the failure caused by repairing the machinery at the organ which is not authorized by NOSTEC.
3. The machinery has a major accident during the warranty period. Without effective appraisal to the reason and the result of the accident, the failure caused by repairing the machinery at the organ which is not authorized by NOSTEC.
4. Without written content from Nostec, the quality failure caused by Self-modification and components change. Using the Hydraulic oil, lubricating oil which do not conform to the regulation of OPERATION MANUAL AND WARRANTY MANUAL or Non-using the stipulated material lead to the failure.
5. During the transportation, delivery, storage, the defect and damage caused by improper operation and loading.
6. The machinery fails during the warranty period. Without the written content from NOSTEC,
The user continues to use it then comes to the secondary damage. NOSTEC is only responsible for the original failure (This failure should be proved to be quality problem).
7. The machine is sold by buy-out price, or other special discount price.
8. The damage is caused by Force Majeure, Artificial or accident.

Installation Policy

1. Installation needed or not
Please confirm whether you need NOSTEC installation or install by your side.
This should be confirmed before shipment.

2. Prepare the working tools needed for the installation, and NOSTEC will provide the detailed tools list for the customer.
3. Customers should bear the cost of engineers round-trip air fare, visa, accommodation and salaries during the training time.

4. The engineer will guide how to install, the customer side should have two workers at least to do the installation job.

5. The last day will be the training time, that our engineer will confirm how to the the daily maintenance and how to change the broken parts.

6. During the installation, please ensure the engineer  personal security

Quality Control

Engineers and installation teams both are available for overseas customer
There will be one salesman and one after-sales man to follow up your orders.
The parts can be provided for free within warranty, refer to our warranty policy.

have the best advanced plasma cutting machine to cut the scissor structure and booms, which make every lifter parts extremely precise with a error of less than three-thousandths of a millimeter.

High production efficiency, reduces production delivery time.
Comprehensive and thorough rust remove improves the adhesive power of steel surface and increase the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance ability, extends the service life of product.

Uniform painting with better adhesive power, extends the product’s life span and nice appearance.
The painting has higher hardness, easy for installation and assemble. it is less likely to be scratched when using.

After Sales

If you have any questions about operating our lift platform, pls send email to, we will reply you within 2 hours once received.
If anything urgent, pls call us directly by +86-15606416820(Wechat/Whatsapp/Viber), we will be here 8:00-19:00(Beijing time).

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