Trailer scissor lift: 6-18m high, the best cost-effective man lift.

Trailer scissor lift

Trailer scissor lift is one of the most cost-effective aerial work platform, it has the height range from 4m to 18m, capacity from 500kg to 2000kg, standard AC power for lifting, manually move. DC lifting power and even diesel engine for lifting can be also customized, we can also add DC power for moving, extended platform, and solid wheels.

Trailer Scissor Lift
Scissor Lift Trailer For Sale
Hydraulic Scissor Lift Trailer
Scissor Lift Trailer For Sale

Standard features

Mini electric scissor lift is one small self-propelled scissor lift, the best choice for narrow aera working, such as supermarkets, rack, warehouse and home use, it is more flexible and convenient due to its small size and light weight.

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Solid tyres

Batter power for lifting or moving

Extended platform

Maintenance bar


Emergency stop button

The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

Emergency drop valve

The lift can be lowered down manually in case of power off.

Hose break valve

The lift won’t be down immediately in case of hose breaks.

Safety 24DV control voltage:

All the button and operation parts use DC 24V safety voltage, keep users’ safety

Maintenance support bar (Optional)


Trailer scissor lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor worksites, and perform cleaning, maintenance, installation, construction tasks and so on.

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Standard model list for reference

Highly recommended lift models for the users

Models Platform size Capacity Platform height Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
SJY0.5-6 2100*830mm 500kg 6m 2250*950*1200 880
SJY0.5-7 2100*830mm 500kg 7m 2250*950*1280 980
SJY0.5-8 2100*930mm 500kg 8m 2250*1060*1380 1060
SJY0.5-9 2100*930mm 500kg 9m 2250*1350*1500 1165
SJY0.5-10 2100*1230mm 500kg 10m 2250*1350*1530 1360
SJY0.5-11 2100*1230mm 500kg 11m 2250*1350*1650 1400
SJY0.5-12 2550*1530mm 500kg 12m 2796*1670*1715 2260
SJY0.5-14 2812*1530mm 500kg 14m 3067*1730*1810 24086
SJY0.3-16 2812*1600mm 300kg 16m 3067*1810*2080 3063
SJY0.3-18 3070*1600mm 300kg 18m 3250*1800*2080 3900
SJY1-6 2100*1200mm 1000kg 8m 2250*1350*1530mm 1585kg
SJY1-10 2100*1200mm 1000kg 10m 2796*1670*1750mm 1700kg
SJY1-12 2100*1530mm 1000kg 12m 2250*1750*1530mm 2560kg
SJY2-10 2100*1530mm 2000kg 10m 2250*1750*1850mm 2250kg
SJY2-12 2100*1600mm 2000kg 12m 2796*1852*1954mm 3200kg

Working video of trailer lift

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