Troubleshooting for goods lift

Nostec Goods Lift

Cargo lift is used for carrying goods indoor and outdoor, providing a fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement and any level in multi-storied buildings. The lift have passed strict quality inspection before shipment, but in the long-term use of the various parts wearing and aging, regular maintenance and repair is also very necessary. The following simple summary of the goods lift for sale often appear some small problems and solutions, that may help you.

First, Reasons and elimination methods when goods lift do not lift up.

1.Reason: overload
Eliminating the method: to reduce the load can be ruled out
2. Reasons: return valve is not closed
Troubleshooting: tighten the oil return valve can be ruled out
3. Reason: manual pump check valve card, return to the failure
Troubleshooting: unscrew the pump valve bolt, maintenance, cleaning, cleaning and replacement of hydraulic oil can be ruled out
4. Reason: manual pump, gear pump serious oil leakage
Elimination method: replace the oil pump seal ring can be ruled out
5. Reason: gear pump damage, hit the oil no pressure
Elimination method: replace the gear pump can be ruled out
6. Reasons: the lack of hydraulic oil
Elimination method: add enough hydraulic oil can be ruled out
7. Reason: circuit breakers
Exclusion method: check the button contactor and fuse can be ruled out
8. Reasons: filter clogging
Elimination: replacement or cleaning can be ruled out
9. Reason: support valve or solenoid valve action failure, there are two kinds of situations:
A.Electromagnetic coil input voltage is less than 220V.
B.Electromagnetic coil burned
C.Valve stuck
Elimination method: repair or replacement can be ruled out

Then what if the goods lift elevator does not fall during working.

1.Reason: down valve failure
Exclusion method: in the case of pressing down button, check whether there is electricity down valve. If no electricity, try to rule out; if there is electricity, the valve itself is excluded from the failure, or replace the falling valve. Drop valve should be kept clean, lubrication.
2. Reason: fall speed control valve imbalance
Elimination method: adjust the decline speed control valve, if the adjustment is not effective replacement valve replacement.

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