Towable electric scissor lift

Towed moving, electric lifting

Towable electric scissor lift

Updated from trailer scissor lift, more stable and durable, this scissor lift is made of wide section manganese steel, providing more stability when lifting. Mainly used in station, dock, plant and construction site for aerial working in case of machinery installation, equipment and building maintenance.

Standard features

Standard configuration comes with lift


Explosion proof electric control system

Rubber solid tire

AC power to platform

Extension platform

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Standard model list for reference

Highly recommended lift models for the users

hydraulic 6t dock leveler for warehouse

10t Mobile loading ramp for truck or containers by Nostec

2t capacity NOSTEC movable unload lift

2t movable load lift-NOSTEC

small hydraulic mini scissor lift table for warehouse

Ground mounted Scissor lift table with ramp

Low profile scissor lift table

u shape scissor lift

1.5t semi-electric hydraulic pallet lift stacker

300kg small electric forklift electric pallet truck for warehouse-NOSTEC

Model Max platform Height Min Platform Height Platform size (mm) Rated load Lifting motor Overall L*W*H (mm) Weight
SJY0.45-4 4000mm 800mm 1450*600 450kg DC/0.8V 1500*750*1980 400kg
SJY0.45-5 5000mm 900mm 1450*600 450kg DC/1.5v 1500*750*2080 450kg
SJY0.45-6A 6000mm 980mm 1700*750 450kg DC/1.5v 1900*900*2160 650kg
SJY0.45-8 8000mm 1200mm 2300*800 450kg DC/1.5v 2550*1050*2380 1350kg
SJY0.45-10 10000mm 1360mm 2300*1120 450kg DC/2.2v 2550*1400*2540 1700kg
SJY0.45-12 12000mm 1480mm 2300*1120 450kg DC/2.2v 2550*1440*2660 1850kg
SJY0.45-14 14000mm 1800mm 2800*1350 450kg DC/3v 3100*1600*2800 2750kg

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