Useful tips about regular maintenance of cargo lift

Cargo Lift


Regular maintenance of cargo lift aims to carry out comprehensive inspection, repair, replacement and adjustment of some parts of the hydraulic lift in operation so as to ensure product quality fundamentally. Cargo lift is also called goods lift, used for carrying goods indoor and outdoor, providing a fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement and any level in multi-storied buildings. It drives hydraulic system, so it is very important to do maintenance for a longer lifetime and working more stably.


So what should we do about lift regular maintenance? Kindly check the useful tips below:


  1. Hydraulic oil should be free of any pollution, and the oil level should be appropriate. Hydraulic oil should top over the tank bottom by 40-50mm when the liftis at the maximum height. Replace the hydraulic oil every 2 year or right now if it becomes dark and glutinous or contains any impurities, because it will block the valves of hydraulic pump.


  1. Lubrication to moving partsevery 6 months, including the lifting chain, bearings, pin shaft,steel wheels, inside of the lift rails. It can help the lift free of any shaking and abnormal noise and vibration. All the moving parts are greased well before factory, Nostec Lift will aslo provide a small bag of grease in spare parts.


  1. Check if all bolts, chains, wire ropes fixed to various parts are properly tightened.


  1. Check working light of PLC, it comes with detection and communication function, you can find the problem easily from the small indicator light on PLC, which will save much time on troubleshoot problems. All the Nostec cargo lift comes with PLC electric cabinet, which will reduce the electrical accident or any other lost due to components broken, and make the cabinet more simple.


  1. Check if oil cylinder, oil tube, hydraulic pump any leakage, check if there any loosen and make sure the joint is firmly fixed. All joints must be tightened to guard against oil leakage.


  1. Necessary spare parts needed when you do the maintenance, Chain parts, grease, lead-hammer, nipple, oil seal ring, Teflon tape, Screws, intermediate relay, Limit switches, all be be provided as spare parts from Nostec lift.


The above is the daily maintenance of cargo lift, we believe it is also very easier for you. Relying upon oneself is better than relying upon others, Nostec help you make maintenance easier, if you have any questions, kindly contact, we will be very glad to help.

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